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Mid-season premieres that might quench your tv thirst

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As a media buyer, I love buying TV.  It might be my favorite medium. Partially because I love the research and the numbers that come along with it,and partially because I am an avid TV watcher. I have my fall-back favorites like Grey’s Anatomy and  How I Met Your Mother.  Like many of us, from time to time, I’ll tune into those guilty pleasures, those train wrecks like the Housewives series or The Jersey Shore. I’m also a big fan of news magazine shows like Dateline and 48 Hours Mystery.  I’m sad when I sleep through CBS Sunday morning with Charles Osgood. I’m not ashamed to admit I like iCarly and I’ve tried a couple of recipes from 30 Minute Meals.

But enough about me…

I love when the seasons change and new shows emerge, almost as much as when seasons change and my favorite shows return!  (Wait, that was about me again!)

Here we find ourselves again on the cusp of returning television favorites and new and exciting mid-season pilots.  Thankfully, the re-runs and holiday specials are over. Most of the old favorites have already returned, but if you still feel like something is missing, here are some upcoming shows that may quench your TV thirst, feed your TV hunger, trick you TV trigger…

Mr. Sunshine

Premieres 2/9/11, on ABC

This new comedy stars Matthew Perry (Friends,) and Allison Janney (The West Wing.) Mr. Sunshine follows Perry, as a self-involved manager of a sports arena is San Diego, as he enters a mid-life crisis when he turn 40, while he deals with the day to day demands of his job and bizarre requests from his boss.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

Premieres 2/16 on CBS

A spinoff of  CBS’s hit Criminal Minds, this new crime drama stars Forrest Whitaker as Unit Chief Sam Cooper who head a team of rebel profilers who don’t always like to follow the rules. Viewers were introduced to this team in Season 5.

Harry’s Law

Premieres 1/17 on NBC

This upcoming legal drama created by Emmy award winner David E. Kelley, stars Kathy Bates who plays Harriet Korn, a recently fired patent lawyer and her team as they start a new law firm in an abandon shoe store.

Flying Wild Alaska

Premieres 1/14 on Discovery

This new reality series follows the Twetos, the unconventional family that operates the family-run airline Era Alaska, through the harsh Alaskan terrain and weather as they transport necessities to residents in the most remote areas in the region.

I know I am not the only TV freak out there.  What are your favorite TV shows? Are you mostly a network watcher? Cable? Do you Hulu? Please, do share.

Amanda Janssen-Egan
Posted by Amanda Janssen-Egan