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2011—Where are we going from here?

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What will 2011 bring for Jigsaw? The truth is, I don’t know. To many, that could be a scary statement. To me, it’s incredibly exhilarating.

Why? Because 2010 was a year of getting things in place. Of aligning the planets. Of playing the first half of a game of chess.

This year finds Jigsaw with 2010’s “wish list” complete. Now it’s up to us to pave the way to our next destination—because that’s the way this journey has gone. We’ve made our plans, not on where we want to get to, but how we want to be equipped to get “to the next place.” Every year, we get in the car—the agency—and head out for whatever lies ahead. To see where that car can take us. To explore what is possible. To use what past journeys have taught us, to go farther, faster, stronger than ever before.

Today, as we start 2011, the agency is like no other time in its history. What we set out in for the next trip is something fast, nimble, incredibly powerful and able to scale tall mountains—say a 007 Aston Martin built to conquer Mars. Oh yeah, it also seats about 25 comfortably. But not too comfortably, because we are always alert for danger—and for opportunity.

It’s hard to believe I’ve been on this adventure for six and a half years now. At first the ride resembled a ’62 VW Beetle pretending to be something else. Something faster, more powerful. Then it became one of those muscle cars. It wasn’t pretty at times, but somehow in the backyard garage, those punks built something that could beat the competition. Each time we changed cars, we didn’t have a plan for where we were going to end up—we just got best prepared for a journey ahead, and floored it. Pedal to the metal.

At the beginning of every year so far, I have looked at the car—and wished it had a little something more. A better paint job. A little more room. 20 horsepower to spare. That is until now. Today, at the beginning of this year I wish for nothing. The car is new, Polished and shiny. It is fast with lots of options and specialized equipment. It is now everything we could hope for and more.

For this next leg of the journey, the car is full of passionate travelers, who compliment each other’s skill sets. We are going to be together for a long time. We want to enjoy each other, and have laughs together. But we also want to know we can trust each other with our lives. Because there will be times when we will be covering each other’s back, on some serious hairpin turns. Through some unseen perils. Because this journey is not a pleasure ride, it is our livelihood. It is dependent on our abilities. And there are no guarantees that we will always like what we see along the way.

My companions are friendly, funny, genuine—but they fight like none I have ever seen. I would not be optimistic about this journey, if it not for their fearless company. It was said by one of them about the others a month ago, “I would go to war with those people.” So true, that each of us feels the same. I firmly believe there is nothing that we could not do. Certainly nothing in the industry we work in.

So come January 3rd, Monday morning, the car is packed. Everyone is buckled in. We don’t know where we are going. But it feels like it’s going to be the ride of our lives. I can’t wait.

I understand there are a lot of businesses that want to premeditate their futures. To have growth match a five-year plan. But here’s to 2011. Here’s to ambition and passion and talent. Here’s to my companions on the journey. And here’s to never, never, ever saying “Are we there yet?”

Steven Wold
Posted by Steven Wold