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Here's to 2010

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It’s been an interesting year here at Jigsaw. Change has been inevitable and the last 365 days of 2010 have reached moments that will never be forgotten and moments we all wish we could forget. Addy and I thought it would be fun to send out an e-mail to everyone asking for their favorite moments of the past year — the responses varied from hilarious to down right sappy — but always, they left us with the feeling of “togetherness” and “great accomplishment.”

So here’s to 2010. Here’s to Jigsaw. And here’s to each and everyone of you that make up this place. Each tear, each chuckle, each politically incorrect statement (those moments could not be included below due to legalities), and of course, each smile. Here’s to some of those moments captured in words:

1. Addy used her business card for the first time when she hired Saxman to play at Miguel‘s 30th birthday. Then Saxman, well, he stood her up.

2. Saddened by the (deep) loss of our 4-year-old, orange, trianglular-shaped goldfish Pedro, in true Jigsaw style, we held a Viking funeral and sent him down the river in a tugboat. We miss you Pedro.

3. We think Steven Wold cleaned his desk on July 12th.

4. 21 people made the Jigsaw website in just 20 short days, we like to call it “Bits & Pieces. The site launched on Sept. 21rst.

5. To date, almost 1,000 messages of Hope have been shared with the world through the “Hope is” project. We continue to help battle in the fight against cancer by growing the community.

6. Talent has expanded and we think it’s pretty nice that we now have enough people to make another softball team. Say hello to our 2010 newcomers: Anne, Addy, Amanda, Ben, Dione, Erin, Eric, Jacque & Sue (please note Sue starred in the 2008 recap of Jigsaw as well).

7. Our fearless coach, O’Donnell, led us to the playoffs in Adworker’s softball league (ok, almost). With a 5/5 record, only 1 injury and almost 500 cans of beer consumed, we like to call it Jigsaw success.

8. At our holiday party, we won (with skill) a “sluty” gorilla (as Wold nicknamed him in an e-mail). Yet to be given a real name, our agency gorilla likes to be naked. But don’t worry, if you stop by he is wearing black “censored” strips thanks to Beki.

9. Rumor has it that Madonna actually hugged someone (but really folks, it’s just speculation, so don’t get your hopes up).

10. In the Adworker‘s Bowling League, both Danielle and Trevor were awarded their gorgeous plastic bowling ball keychains when they achieved something few do in a lifetime: a score over 200.

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