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5 places I went to on the internet this week

— Media & Technology —

My web travels have taken me to some interesting places over the last week or so, here’s five memorable spots:

Nokia N8 Commercial: Great spot that makes a very simple and true statement – “It’s not the technology, it’s what you do with it.” Great sound design too. It made me think of the Forever 21 billboard that is getting a lot of hype but seems kinda superfluous.

Facebood friend poster: Here’s your chance to have a poster made of all your friends’ avatars on Facebook. Put this on your wall to remind yourself of all the people who reside somewhere on the periphery of your life. $20? Really?

Kickstarter: I love this site, where artists can post a video of their project and ask for donations to help them finish it. I have donated to one of my fave songwriters, Bleu and to my friend Manny who is trying to finish his documentary. This is the internet used for good.

Vintage Porsche Posters: I’m a sucker for brilliant retro design and these posters are no exception. Awesome.

AXA insurance iphone ad: This is a clever execution. Put your iphone in a space on a print ad and play a video that fits seamlessly into the photo. Cool idea that seems a little silly in its execution – kind of a goofy ploy to get consumers to download an app. A for effort though.

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