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My Jigsaw journey of recombobulation

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Wisconsin. Ah-hh yes, we make beer. We proudly spend every Sunday watching our beloved Packers. We built the Calatrava. We’re home to Mars Cheese Castle, Miller Park and one of the nation’s best zoos. Laverne and Shirley lived here. That 70’s Show made their home here. We supply the world with Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Trek bicycles and we make O-rings for NASA. We gave the world Harry Houdini, Frank Lloyd Wright and Georgia O’keeffe

And we offer all visitors in, to and through our airport an area for Recombobulation. Yes, re-com-bob-u-lation, you heard me, Recombobulation.

Now I’m certain you’re wondering what on earth Recombobulation means? Dictionary.com yields no definition. Google cites it as an antonym for decombobulation. Offers us a link to the JS online article, “Airport Drives Smiles with Recombobulation Area.” And provides us with a definition from Urban Dictionary:

1. Puting something back the way it was, or into proper working order.
2. Gathering one’s thoughts or composure.

Which got me thinking —
When you work in advertising the idea of Recombobulation is not optional, it is required. Long hours, tight deadlines, intense projects, solving business problems with creativity — all lead to exhaustion, imbalance and an overall feeling of mind loss.

Which is precisely why everyone needs a break. Time-off. A vacation. An adventure. A journey. A time to recombobulate. Exactly what I’m doing.

And for the record, I am nowhere near feeling recombobulated. I’m certain I forgot to communicate something about my projects. I’m certain one of my fellow team members will use my name in vain next week while searching for a missing image on my desktop. And I’m certain in this strange way I will miss my projects, my office and my fellow-in-need of “Recombobulatioan themselves” co-workers.

But my adventure awaits me, my Jigsaw Journey of Recombobulation. Who knows where it will take me, what I will learn, what trouble I will find (I’ll try to stay out of prison Steven) and who I will meet.

But as Steinbeck says, “we do not take a journey, rather, the journey takes us.” I do hope this literary genius was aware of this fictitious word, “Recombobulation.”

Wish me luck.
First stop: see you in the Rockies @ 8,233 ft.

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