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Milwaukee 99 – President’s video

— Jigsaw & Work —

My professional life encompasses three pursuits:

1. Being Creative Director of Jigsaw,
2. Being President of the United Adworkers ad club in Milwaukee
2. Being a musician and songwriter

All three of these lives converged on September 16 as the United Adworkers held the annual Milwaukee 99 awards show.

Now I know what you’re probably asking: “What the heck does that have to do with being a musician?”

Here’s the deal: Every year the prez of the Adworkers has to make a video. For mine, I chose to seek the assistance of my partner in crime Mr. Peter Batchelder and produce a music video featuring a song we wrote together called “The Advertising Life.” It’s a fun, catchy, poppy tune that speaks to a number of different things about the crazy industry known as the ad business. And it has a kid playing Guitar Hero in it that may or may not be my 9 year old son. Hope you like it.

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