Jigsaw, LLC

A full-service advertising agency located in downtown Milwaukee, WI.

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10 Questions with Jigsaw Newbies: Marty Defatte

Marty never gets tired of “hey, McFly!” jokes, which is why he feels so at-home at Jigsaw. A music-lover at heart, he finds great solace in the simple poetry of a perfectly optimized website, from the subtle nuances of well-formatted CSS to the crisp interludes of a rousing mobile-first execution. He takes an almost sadistic […]

10 Questions with Jigsaw Newbies: Heather Bolyard

Jigsaw n00b? Not entirely. After enjoying a year of Jigsaw back in 2009, Heather took a five-year hiatus before realizing what she’d been missing. She’s now happily returned to the fold as a Senior Art Director, where she’s already contributed an impressive number of glorious designs, often coupled with mind-bending typos. Hobbies include helping dogs […]